February 12, 2011

Thankfulness, or my early 2011 Christmas letter

I have much to be thankful for!

A gracious Lord, who has redeemed me and continues to pursue me. 
His love is too much and his mercies unearned. He is my provider, protector, friend, wisdom, refuge and life. I could not go a second without his salvation and hope.

Friends. Near and far, I have many changing, moving, strengthening friendships. Friendships from back home, Hume, college, credentialing, church and so many other places. The Lord has been so generous to provide me with friends that sharpen and challenge me; those who laugh with me and make me think, to his glory.

Parents. My parents’ love and care for me began with prayers for my saving faith in Christ. Today, they are not only my loving parents, but friends who’ve laughed, cried, talked, shared and listened along the way. They have both provided and shaped me, for which I can never show enough gratitude.

Sisters. All three of them. They drive me crazy, they make me laugh, they struggle alongside me and challenge me more than I can ever say. Their unique personalities make life hilarious, fun and encouraging. I cannot thank the Lord enough for allowing me to go through life with each of them.

My job. God literally placed it in my lap. I get to spend my days giving hugs, smiles & high-fives, tying shoes, opening milk cartons, playing games, making crafts, wiggling, tutoring, laughing, reading, reading, reading, counting, sharing, helping, teaching, loving and serving an incredible group of K-2nd graders. They teach me more than they could ever know and make me laugh more than I ever thought possible.

Church. I’m so glad to call The Well home. It is a privilege to serve and teach the 2nd-3rd graders from God’s Word. It excites me to see them learning and living out the message of the Gospel. I’m also thankful for the sweet friendships I’ve built through life groups and teams over the years. I’ve laughed, cried and learned so much through the incredible people the Lord has put in my life through his Body.  

A finally earned teaching credential! Years ago, I knew God was calling me into teaching. After working towards this goal from elementary, junior high, high school, 3 ½ years of undergrad and 1 ½ years of student teaching and grad work, I’m finished! It is strange to finally not have homework and too many deadlines; I’m so enjoying it! I am now looking forward, with high hopes and continued trust in the Lord, to an elementary teaching job. If I could teach any grade, I would love second or third!

I am so thankful for the place the Lord has me. He is growing my love for his Word and encouraging me in my time with him. When I look at this list, I can’t help but think of so many things that could be added. He is good and more gracious to me than I could ever explain in words.

I have much to be thankful for!

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