May 23, 2012


 I need to So here are a bunch o' instagrams of moments in my ordinary and "magnifusent", in random order, because I'm classy like that. enjoy (or follow me on instagram, since that's on the regular.)

 last weekend: woodward.volleyball.grading.yogurtland.sissster. (baby mama, anyone?)
 childhood gifts: sisters, reading, ballet
 my new anthro mug from katie's shower. thanks for getting married katie!
 lifegroup at hume one month ago! so, so good.
guess i missed the "let's look normal" memo.
 okay so i stole this off insta. um, hello? ahhh.
guess i was still the tallest on easter. also, i have hot sisters.
 my crazy talented sis is making THE cutest blanket. i am going to steal it.hi, grace!
 sometimes I pretend to be artsy. or I add arrows to clipart. my kids think I'm Picasso. WHAT?!
we tried on the tallest shoes we could find. because that's normal. pretty sure they made me 6'3". ha.
 we are all about the rain forest right now. macaws are byootufle. so precious.

kaiser sends me $0.00 bills a lot. so weird. yesterday, they sent this. thanksmuch.
 john 1:16 (naptime diaries) 

... because all is grace. 

March 24, 2012


he is life in the sun-filled, trust-soaked day and hope in the hard, dry, tired night.
clinging to this truth- HE knows us fully!

March 21, 2012

spring. pinkeye? songs. salvation.

1. i'm so thankful and excited to see spring popping up. EVERYWHERE!
2. you can get allergy-induced pink eye?! that's a real thing? yep, you bet! thank you sweet eye drops. thank you dad for making me go taking care of me (no pic. ew, gross.)
3. i LOVE listening to passion's white flag. i want to drive forever with it blasting from the stereo. or go on a long run. or share it with everyone. he is our joy and life!
 4."I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." {Galatians 2:20} 
God sees Christ's righteousness in me! Not every failure, not my sin. Such grace!