The heart behind this list was encouraged by time with Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts. I'll remember them in my journal, but share some with you here. May He use this gathering place of his grace as an encouragement to you!

- Katie Daisy, The Wheatfield
2. sunshine-soaked saturdays.
9. life group tuesday nights: new friendships and hearts that desire the LORD. Such life-giving time each week!
12. my students' giddy laughter and sweet hugs...
21. the beautiful, breathtaking sunrise on the drive to work.
23. Sabina, my high school TA who goes above and beyond. She is a joy and a life-saver!
32. Randy, my BTSA coach. Thankful for his insight and always-encouraging attitude!
35.hanging christmas lights with Dad- our time.
42. that moment in kids connection when they light up, because their hearts know him more. 
57. students shouting Silent Night with all their might.
66. Jesus' Birthday on Christmas Eve; a room overflowing with family, tradition continued as we remember Warren and Lenore. Celebrating HIS birth, our hope.
73. the smell of cinnamon rolls.
78. Gramps' leadership and heart; bowed hearts in prayer for Stuart.
82. God's grace poured on Mom through a stapler and Dad's thoughtfulness. 
88. DISNEYLAND! Alphabet games, food, rollercoaster-love, favorite rides, sister time, 75 degrees.
89. ... Morning-after-disneyland lattes & breakfast to mend tired bodies.
94. Health-food store smell. Ahhh.
96. My Utmost for His Highest: challenge to give my best for His glory!
104. Passion 2012 livestream: wrecked for justice and raising our white flag.
108. First grade blogs: creative "friends" who let me use their work to help students love learning.
114. Skype time with Char. He is faithful! Restored friendship, being heard, sharing and listening well.  
115. Save-the-dates scattered on the fridge, excited for their stories to grow.
118. the sound and smell of the running dishwasher.
120. Kari Jobe's new album, His heart through her words.
123. A clean kitchen floor.
128. Praying for others on the drive to & from work. The joy and privilege of bringing others to his throne. 
131. Watching Grace's busy hands as she crochets; seeing her joy.
135. Singing to the radio with Nicole; faking our way through each song, acting like we know all the words.
137. Listening to the birds fight to sing the loudest.
143. Listening to my students get excited about reading!
148. Lining shelves and cleaning baseboards with friends.
150. Chatting with Bec on the drive to work; we're in this together.
154. Seeing HIS heart in obedience and kindness by the tiniest of students.
155. The sound of the heater clicking on.
163. Our long, hard words of job ended, faith-soaked fear; huge heart change, life rearranged, face-down trust in HIM.
165. Picnik: the fun of reshaping moments captured. Instagram  wannabe, for sure!
170. Planning our camping trip. waves, dunes, fire pits, sleeping bags, s'mores, hiking, laughing... just being.
171. "Hope in Jesus today. Cling to Him. Breathe in His truth. Live in His grace. Nothing more. Nothing less"- Louie Giglio
173. A hug every few minutes... some days, that's all we can do.
176. Margie making each and every copy. Always perfect, always fast, always grace.
177. The rush and excitement of math facts' tests.
182. Songs drenched in scripture. Humbled that we have the mind of Christ.
184. Catching students uttering things ridiculous to themselves... Sharing a glance and both trying not to laugh.
190. His grace in spite of my heart that chooses to say no to eucharisteo.
191. Trader Joes' bouquets of bright flowers and rows of fresh produce.
200. Late Dollar Tree runs for cotton, wiggly eyes and candlesticks. You know you're a teacher when...
203. Counting coins and laughing to tears with Nicole. Did we really pass 3rd grade?!
208. Beef pot roast in the crockpot. Memories, comfort, dinner waiting when I come home!
216. Francis Chan's challenge. Confirmation of His call and growth made clear.
217. ^  Hand cramps from grace so clear.
219. Pink and white blossoms on all those almond tree rows soaked in a sherbet sunset. His creation exclaiming HIM!
221. Costco's gas prices...
224. Exchanging sandwiches and vacuuming for a haircut!
228. Hearing Julie's heart over fro-yo with the buzz of conversation everywhere.
229. Texts about sardines and doll houses from Caitlin- a thousand memories squeezed into one sentence.
230. Choosing to SEE: like hearing from a friend, hurting for heaven and clinging to Him. Glad to read into the early morning...
233. $20 surprises from my 'sneeeeaky mom'. Hello, gas money!
234. Heart-swelled, tear-stung eyes as music filling the drive brings me to Him. These are all Moments Made for Worshipping because of the Treasure of Jesus... Thanks SCC