February 9, 2011

oh kindergarten:: pt. 1

* i love kindergartners.
* they are cute, mischievous, sweet, hilarious, and they drive me crazy. 
* ninety percent of the time, I feel more like their mom than their teacher.
* i tie shoes too many times to count.
* i open approximately 18 milk cartons per day.
(not counting the random children who come up to me, milk carton in-hand, & put their milk in my face, with the silent request for help)
* last week i told a kid that i could see his brain by looking in his ear. he tried it on the boy sitting next to him. i told him that only grown-ups can see brains through ears, and he let out an "Aw, man!" complete with an exasperated sigh. hahaha!
* yesterday, i told a boy to eat two more bites of food (yes, this is really my job). he immediately told me he had to go to the bathroom, & poured on the waterworks when i saw right through him. so, i let him go. he came back and i immediately told him to eat his two bites. he got that look in his eyes of "aw rats!" and he knew he'd been figured out. with that spark in his eye, he said, "aw shucks, how you know bout me?" ha!
* they are sweet. they hug me ten seconds after i discipline them. then they make the same mistake again.
(parallels of my humanity/the kindness of the Lord's discipline, ringing ever-true).

i really do love them. it's impossible not too. i come home each day with more stories and i laugh out loud at them, when i can't hold it in any longer.

yesterday, Jada looked at me straight-faced, while eating her lunch and said, "If you drink lots o yo chocket milk, it make you poop lots uh poop!"

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grace said...

oh man. the brain through your ears. you're so sneaky!

thanks for the post! I loved it!