February 25, 2011

snow? yes, please

It is supposed to snow tonight and/or early tomorrow morning. Here. In Fresno, California. As in, there's a 70% chance of magic white flakes coming from the sky. A large part of me would like to stay up all night, so as to not miss any possible snowflakes. I have high hopes, like a five-year-old on the day before Disneyland. Snow, please?!

1 comment:

grace said...

Reciprocating the commenting love- here you go!

Did you ever get snow in Fresno?
Because that would have been AWESOME!!
I told mom how you wanted me to come back so we could make snow angels and she thought you were silly.
Oh my, sometimes you inspire me to dream with little-kid imagination & hope :)
Although, those angels would probably be more like mud angels since I'm guessing you never got any magic white flakes.
Just sayin.