May 30, 2011


let's pretend i'm not a delinquent blogger.

i'm thankful for:
                     the holy spirit's recent whooping my behind work in my life.
                     only 7 more school/work days until sweet summer.
                     a new, exciting adventure for next year.

i will try to get back on the blog bandwagon, & delve into this list. slowly but surely, my millions of readers...

p.s. sometimes i wonder if i should have a tumblr/treat this dilapidated blog as a tumblr, with semi-regular, short & simple posts. maybe then i would be better at this. wish me luck!
p.p.s. don't worry. i still blog-stalk like crAzy. if you have a blog, i have surely read it, and check like a crazy to see if you've updated. i've spent scads of time stalking blogs, just not sure what exactly i should share.


1 comment:

grace said...

ohmygoodness! you wrote a new post!!


And since I make up your million readers, thank you.
And, I'm on board with you treating it as a tumblr.
I mean, tumbler?

Once again, YAY!