June 15, 2008


Today is Father's Day. This year, I get to actually be with my Dad. I thought I'd list a few of the things I love about my dad:
  • He makes me laugh. He always mixes up words to make them sound funny and makes the cheesiest, most ridiculous jokes ever. He also has nicknames for everything and everyone. My nickname has several embarrassing forms...He is the biggest goof ball that I know.
  • He works very hard for our family without ever a complaint. Enough said.
  • He can fix absolutely ANYTHING. You think I'm joking... In kindergarten, the electric stapler was broken, so I told Mrs. Balch my dad could fix anything. She thought that was so hilarious, she sent the stapler home with me and all my Dad did was plugged it in and it worked. This also happens too often with my car. It screeches and grumbles at me, and when he turns it on, I stare with angry eyes at my car, which always acts perfectly for him. He is our resident plumber, painter, carpenter, electrician-extraordinaire, mechanic (he refuses to take the car in, even when he's taken it apart and tried everything), gardener, internet guru, and anything else that needs fixing that I've forgotten.
  • I get my innate I'll-figure-it-out-by-myself-if-it-kills-me, independent, stubborn, resourceful, traits from my Dad. (See previous bullet point.)
  • He loves my mom. Throughout the years of my mom's sickness, he has been the best parent I could have, taking on all of the duties of father and mother. He made it look easy, when I know it couldn't have been
  • He is very opinionated and makes me think, about politics, news, my faith- you name it.
  • He loves me and my sisters, even though he is sometimes quiet about it.
  • He is super duper strong and he is a manly man. No frills or bells and whistles needed here.
  • He has set a ridiculously high standard for the man I hope to someday marry. My sisters and I've already decided that the guys we meet better be able to fix anything (see 3rd point.)
  • He taught me how to ride my bike, swing a hammer, drive a stick (points for patience), burp with the best of them, build a fire, mow the grass, change/check the oil, love getting dirty, and how to have fun.
  • He is basically amazing and drives me crazy, because we are alike in so many ways. I love him and am really excited to see him today.
Love you Dad! Happy Father's Day you old fart!

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Sarah Rhoads said...

Dads are awesome aren't they?
I had no clue what you were talking about when you said you were seeing me everywhere at Hume. And then I saw the poster and it all made so much sense. Haha.
Hope everything is well:)