June 15, 2008


I've been up at Hume for four weeks, today. Summer is well underway up in these mountains and I couldn't have underestimated God more. I am back in SS, cleaning in Joshua and Wildwood everyday. A couple days after I started working, I found out that I get to be the 2nd, which means I am in charge on the days when the crew leader is off and some other random things. Basically, I am humbled to have been picked for this spot and still completely overwhelmed by the responsibility of making sure everything goes smoothly and is spotless. Yesterday was the first time we really interacted with conference guests at Joshua, which reminded me of how much I love this off-the-wall job that I have.
The Lord has been teaching me huge things in these past weeks. Matthew 22:37-40 is the crux of Christianity, and the catch phrase around Hume. To love God first, others second and to place ourselves third. To say I want to love others as Christ does is understood, but so difficult to grasp and carry out. The Holy Spirit has working in me to see others exactly as Christ does. To drop this idea of self-absorbed living and to love people the way Jesus did and still does. Huge, inexplicable growing happening. And it is so hard and encouraging simultaneously.
To say that I have been growing and learning is the understatement of the year. But thankfully, I have not been on my own. I have made great new friends and been blessed to rediscover some old friendships. My roommates are amazing. We are all so different and yet so completely similar. My crew is meshing together really well and we are having fun working together. Some of the friendships I expected to deepen are on hold, for a season, it seems. But, I have grown close with a few people who sharpen me, as we aim to build each other up. Friendship has been a huge blessing to say the least, something I am incredibly encouraged by.
And last, but not least, today is Father's Day. I am actually sitting in Nicole and Lissa's apartment on my day off down in Fresno. My family is coming up here to celebrate Father's Day and so that I get to selfishly see them for a little while. I love my Dad. He deserves more than these few lines...

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