August 10, 2008

oh hume

so, today is my day off... which also means I only have six working days left here at Hume. And while this summer has been crazy and nearly incomparable to last summer, it has gone so fast. I'm heading home next Sunday, which makes me sad and also wish I could bottle up the temperature, environment, people, and all the dirt- and take it with me. Although I know I can't actually do any of that, this has been another unforgettable, memorable, ridiculous, life-changing, humbling, growing, shaping summer in my short 21 years. I will miss this place and getting ready for work in the dark while my roommates sleep, laughing til I cry, thanking my crew members, getting so dirty and tired of poop everywhere, but loving these 3 stretching months like crazy. Thank you Lord for this place and for the lives you so faithfully change, especially mine. Thank you for using me here, even though I don't deserve the privilege and even though I mess up all the time. You are ridiculously good to me and incomprehensible.

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