April 6, 2008

A Moment Made...

My heart is full. And I can't understand why Jesus loves me the way he does, or why he thinks that I am worth using. I don't really know how to describe any of what I am trying to put into words here. But this song says more clearly what my thoughts cannot contain.

6:30 Monday morning. I'm here hiding in my bed. A song plays on my alarm clock. As I cover up my head. And somewhere in the distance. I remember yesterday. Singing "Hallelujah." Full of wonder, awe and grace. But now I'm just wondering. Why I don't feel anything. At all...

When I'm praying with my children. As they're running off to school. When I kiss my wife good morning. Just to say I still love you. When I'm feeling loved and happy. When I'm feeling all alone. When I'm failing to remember. All the love that I've been shown. Every single beat of my heart. Is another new place to start. To know...

This is a moment made for worshipping
Cause this is a moment I'm alive
And this is a moment I was made to sing
A song of living sacrifice
For every moment that I live and breathe
This is a moment made for worshipping

Thank you Steven Curtis Chapman. This is why I don't write songs, but am greatful for those who do. Youtube it. Ask me in person about this. Maybe by then, I might be able to articulate what happened in my heart today.

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