March 8, 2008

time flies

this week, i have been home on spring break. HOORAY! i needed the break from school and the time to let go of the stress from mid-terms. i taught 4 PE lessons this week for one of my classes, which were all crazy in their own way. Leaving the last one on Thursday, I smiled to myself, having a dirt clod thrown at my head by a curious kid at recess. (Who raised his hand to fess up, even though I didn’t ask). kids are so funny. and in april, I'm taking the cbest, just one step closer to making teaching a reality. ah! i could even sub after i take the cbest... there's a part of me that is freaked out to be a teacher and be in charge of kids that i have such influence on. then, this week, the Lord reminded me that, even though I'm a teensy bit scared, He’s preparing me for this, and is in control of everything. When I rely on him to lead the way, then I am able to be flexible and confident in my growing ability to do this. He gave me the passion for teaching when I was in junior high, (crazy, I know) and the Holy Spirit is working in me to get me ready along the way.

How quickly I forget- the Holy Spirit, the perfect Spirit of God, is alive and working in me. I get the chance each day to live like this means something to me. But, I rush around with my own plans, acting as if I can do any of this on my own. I’m not on my own, but the Holy Spirit is IN me, at work in me, every moment of the day that I stress about.

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