February 21, 2008

days like these...

...keep me on my toes and find me laughing uncontrollably. I made it through my early classes and the hilarity began-

1. the boy I tutor read a whole page without my help. !!!
2. I Chinese fire-drilled it, jumping out at a red light to shut the open trunk ahead of me
3. walking outside in the pouring rain, my legs flew out and I smacked onto the ground.
4. I spilled my dessert all over myself
5. a huge water jug was pouring out water all over me until I figured how to fix it
6. I got to talk to a Peruvian missionary (in Spanish) about lives waiting for hope and Jesus

God is so funny sometimes and, so faithful. I got so much joy out of seeing my "pupil" reading carefully on his own. How amazing. And then the Lord shook my world about going anywhere he calls me. (More on that later). This day has been insane, refreshing, and reassuring. Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city... in people groups, in lives, in relationships, in hearts, in actions and words, in commitment to Christ.

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