January 29, 2012

weekend rambles

1. That friend of mine, the cute one with the instagram pic, she's turning 23 soon. My baby friend is gettin real old (ha!) and she's one heck of a teacher too. I love that we met freshman year in the dorms and we get to work together every day. Lunch time is sanity time, with her and her smoker laugh!
    2. Someone at my school has the hairiest chest ever. How do I know this? He always leaves the top, oh, 3 buttons of his shirt undone. I tried to find a pic to share, but they all grossed.me.out, ew. Instead, here's Norm Abrams, you know that guy from PBS that Grace swears he looks like. My thoughts? They look similar, except Abrams' isn't a bean pole, very tan & fluent in Spanish. Does he read this blog? Yikes.

    3. I loooove my tiny little berggren mug. It's old, it cost a quarter (thanks hume country fair) and it convinces me that it's okay to go back for a second and third cup of starbucks' new blonde roast. running out of caramel macchiato creamer...

    4. This takes me to Hume, makes me think tuesday pancake breakfasts at inspiration. 

    5. I'm seeking gratitude in my days. but, let's be honest. some days of teaching, it is all. i. can. do. to keep from saying this out loud. dear first graders, let your teacher finish a sentence, mmkay? then i'm reminded of eucharisteo...

    6. just when i jumped on board with picnik (hello fun photos!), it's closing in april. what's a girl to do? search pinterest for alternative options, of course. ;)

    7. i'm ready for spring to stay awhile. this is what i pretend fresno always looks like. 

    enjoy the week and seek his joy!
    i've never loaded that many pictures into a post, ever. success.

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