January 28, 2012

"...but don't they yike Chinese food?"

Yesterday we were reading a non-fiction book about different plants. One page talked about pandas eating bamboo. Here's a bit of my conversation with a student:

Z: [reading] the, paaaanda eats baaaambooooo for dinner. 
Me: Great job! Do you see the bamboo plant in the picture? That's what panda bears eat. 
Z: [incredibly confused] But wait, panduhs eat baaaamboo? What's that??? Don't pandas eat Chinese food? I fought pandas eat Chinese food! Why do they eat py-ants? WHAT?! 
Me: [laughing very obviously] Pandas eat plants; they live in China, but they don't eat fried rice and chow mein. [dying of laughter at his increased confusion]
Z: Wait, so they don't eat Chinese food? Well, do they eat Mexican food?!? Why can't they eat it? Why would they eat a py-ant?! Don't they yike Chinese food?
Me: [shoulder-shaking, LOUD laughter] 

oh, that moment when you burst into laughter at a student, without regret.

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