April 7, 2010

i like to eat, eat, eat, eeples, and baneenies

Yesterday at Trader Joes, the checker commented excessively about my "quite healthy" purchases.  I buy more fruits and vegetables than packaged or dry goods. He just couldn't get over it, it made me laugh. and think.

I often think people care too much about their weight when looking me up and down. People forget that I have genetics, metabolism and a love of healthy food in my favor.

All this to say, if you want to be healthy, eat right, or maintain/loose weight, make a change. Eat fruits and vegetables. Ditch the soda and energy drinks. Get moving. Don't binge on chocolate and french fries if you've had a long day. Dust off your bicycle or running shoes and get going. If you like the gym, find something that you enjoy, and stick with it. Don't get me wrong, I love ice cream and chocolate, good pizza, and Vinces' spaghetti. It's all about moderation! Drink much more water, and make each meal colorful rather than fried-greasy-yellow.

Make conscious choices. Stick to them. Don't kill yourself when you slip up, because you will. And smile back at the checker who is stunned by your choice to stop being a couch potato and to gorge on strawberries and zucchini, rather than burgers.

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grace said...

I enjoyed this little soapbox blog. Just as much as I love "loosing" weight!!

Well we were definitely couch potatoes on Sunday afternoon- but didn't eat like it. Well maybe just you :)