January 23, 2010

farmers market

i woke up today to skies so sunny, i haven't stopped smiling.
it seemed only appropriate that we revel in the sun and head to the farmers market.
(i've lived here for almost 4 years and haven't searched for one yet.)

i made grace wake up. it was just too great a day to spend sleeping. that's what all of these never ending rainy days are for. we got to the lovely market, sans camera. so pretend with this picture. i was just a little (well, a lot) giddy. we browsed and, well, it was perfect. one block of white cheddar cheese, red juicy tomatoes, loads of tangerines and a pretty bunch of flowers later, we headed home. now, it smells incredible in our apartment. and, we filled our stomachs with homemade crepes, sausage, eggs and smoothies.

farmers market and brunch and sunshine. and many hours still left in the day. perfect.
my heart feels lighter, thank you Lord. I needed the sun and the weekend.

1 comment:

grace said...

Next time we need to take a camera!
(Even if it's raining.)

Although that would be such a fantastic display of precipitation falling on locally grown and gathered vegetation!
Life is just amazing!!

Note the sentiments of Parker, the over-the-top love interest of Phoebe.