March 15, 2009

puzzle pieces

Have you ever put something back together or put something away, to realize that you left one thing out? The other day I was cleaning something up and recognized that the one thing I had forgotten wasn't needed at all, and that got me thinking.

There are so many things that I think I need in my life or that I assume must take place, so that my life will be headed in the right direction. And as I look back, I notice all of the little and not so little things that the Lord decided to remove from my life or prune from my heart after a time. Sometimes these changes don't feel so absent, while in other instances, the removal is painful and incomprehensible. It is in those times that the left out puzzle-piece or leftover twist-tie don't seem important at all, and in those moments Christ allows me to look only at him and realize that he is in complete control.

He is God and I am not, thank goodness. He orchestrates the pieces in my life in his timing.

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