March 16, 2009

Dear AT&T News Page,

I understand you are trying to inundate my brain with the latest gossip and news. However, much of this "news" is random junk that I am sure I do not need to know. This includes, but is not limited to: Bristol Palin's messy breakup, a new twist in American Idol, Baby Boom for Primetime Actresses, High School Musical 3, Madoff's latest, and other such scandalous and unnecessary factoids. If I may be so bold, the scoop that you dish out on celebrities, media, national and world news, seems blown out of proportion and rather unimportant in the long run. I appreciate the free e-mail account, but find myself avoiding the news page at all costs. The latest update in your ammenities is less than exhiliarating.

Thank you,
Surprised and Somewhat Frustrated

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