March 4, 2009


On Friday, I grabbed a vanilla misto at starbucks after spending the morning with the fourth graders at Greenberg. I casually sipped my coffee and enjoyed the afternoon. Around 3, I went with Grace down to the Craycroft Center, which is right by the Rescue Mission. As we were driving away later, I was hit by the different worlds in the city of Fresno (or nearly any other city for that matter). In the morning, I threw away $3 for a cup of souped up coffee and drove in my unimpressive (although actually semi-clean and running) car, and only briefly visited another city in this city. Men were lined up hours before dinner would be ready, in hopes of getting some food. Meanwhile I casually drank my unneccessary coffee, just because I had the money to waste.

I'm not saying enjoying coffee is bad. I like coffee and tea, and many other small luxuries. However, I couldn't help but realize that although I live in the ghetto, to the homeless of Fresno, I may simply be just another "rich" girl that pays her time each week, to make herself feel good. I don't think I'm going to give up Starbucks, but I was challenged to spend with a purpose, to give my life and not just a few hours. I have gone on so many missions trips and visited the inner city. Unfortunately, I've become accustomed to ignoring the inner city that is right here. I don't want to go somewhere, I want to make an impact where I am right now.

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grace said...

Wow. What an observation. It's nice to here other "perspectives" about shared situations!