February 28, 2009

thursday night

Thursday night, we went to the Fulton Mall for my Theo Ethics & Environment class. I had never been there, but can't say I was surprised with the ghost town we discovered down there. The eerily empty streets with tall office buildings and shops that close at 6 pm resemble downtown Bakersfield. We walked around and learned about the efforts and hangups that come along with city restoration and revitalization. It was encouraging, while disconcerting.

Well, we got home at 8 and I was wide awake, so I drove to Starbucks with Jay Jay. We both brought homework, but ended up talking until it was obvious they were closing up. It was really fun to hang out with her, since we are usually so busy with school, work and life. On the way back, she was telling me for the millionth time that I need to teach her how to drive my car (that is a stick). So, I pulled over down the street from our house and told her to give it a shot. Hilarious. Instead of pushing on the gas and letting up on the clutch to get going, she kept stalling. We didn't even move a foot. Then I realized that she must have her right foot on the brake... It was ridiculous. Well, she made it around the corner and was almost done making the loop back to our street, when she pulled over because we were both laughing hysterically. I could just picture my first futile attempts at driving stick and hearing my dad tell me that we were a 'demented kangaroo.' Lurch, surge, lurch, choke. You all know the drill. I decided to take over and parallel park the car. I didn't want my lack of power steering to completely scare her off...

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