January 5, 2009

Good music and good books

Christmas break has been crazy, I've been all over the LA area and back again. So, in the name of finally having a camera to call my own, I thought I'd share some shots. But, blogger is being slow. So, instead of a huge rapport of all the happenings, I will say that the picture I posted sums up a lot of what's been going on.

I'm sitting here, listening to Chris Tomlin's latest cd. Some people told me it wasn't as good as they had expected. Regardless, I'm sitting here and can't help but be grateful for his rescue of us, and that we truly are free... Ignore the bah humbugs around you and enjoy it. Well, at least I am. I am also reading through Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series. I admit, I am a fan of the way she weaves somewhat girlie fiction so well. While her books usually take awhile to get into, I am pulled into the writing and reminded of the huge gift and grace we have in Jesus. Speaking of reading, I think I will go enjoy these last few days of break, find a comfy chair and dive into it again...

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