December 5, 2008

.I got married yesterday.

My American Ethnicity class ended yesterday. It is a soc class that covers the many ethnic groups that exist in America and the stories behind their cultures. For our last assignment, groups of students chose books that were written by uniquely ethnic individuals.

Well, one group gave a presentation on a book that was all about Indian arranged marriages. The book seemed interesting and quirky, as they retold the stories of Indian brides. In the name of arranged marriages, their presentation took an interesting turn.

As I was sleepily listening to the girls rehash the book, one of them silently motioned for me to come up to front with them. Of course, I looked around, as I was unsure if she was really wanting me to join them. Confused, I made my way up and listened as the girl whispered their plan to me. I was to be the bride in an impromptu pretend marriage. I donned an ornate scarf on my head, a funky gold necklace, a flashy plastic ring that was far too big for my finger, and had to put a dot on my forehead. As I was preparing, another one of the group members pulled a guy from the class outside the room. They finally brought us together, and informed the class as to what was taking place. He was to take my hand and read a translated gushy love poem, as I had to stare at the floor and not make eye contact with him. Thank goodness! If I had needed to look at him with a straight face, that would have been the end of my dignity.

The entire class erupted in nervous laughter, as the "wedding" took place. I felt torn between utter humiliation and the need to laugh hysterically. Yesterday, I was in an arranged marriage, and now I have a story that I will never forget, not to mention, I will never be able to look at the guy with a straight face again. Awkward, ridiculous, hilarious, and forever burned in my memory.

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grace said...

So who was it????!! You can't leave me in suspense like that!