December 2, 2008

.Insert clever blog title here.

This is a mix of things, so here goes.
  • Life is going well, and I feel as if I should delete my last post maybe. Sorry for being Debbie Downer.
  • I love my friends and we had a blast a while ago, acting like we were 12, taking goofy pictures, and catching up on life. We strolled Target (big surprise) and I am now impatiently waiting for my camera from amazon >>>
  • School has sped by and Thanksgiving came and went like crazy. We set up the tent trailer in the lake of our campsite, cooked like crazy on Thursday, ate lots of food and hung out with family. I got to ride bikes with my amazing nine-year-old cousin, Amy, and play cribbage with Gramps. I get all sentimental just thinking about it. On Friday, after napping off the black friday buzz, we took Amy over to SLO, had ourselves some very grownup hot cocoa at Peet's, sang lots of disney songs (think "Be a Man" from Mulan), strolled around with milo- the wonder dog, and made sure that Amy enjoyed herself at bublegum alley. She even blew a tiny bubble, and was very proud of herself. Did I mention that I had a great Thanksgiving? I am so thankful for the time off, the break, my family, and so much more.
  • After coming home Saturday, I have been listening to Christmas music non-stop. Namely, every Amy Grant christmas record, bing crosby, nat king cole, some old school steven curtis chapman, josh groban, and anything christmasy really. I almost caved and watched White Christmas today, but settled for While You Were Sleeping, since it's set around Christmas. It's December 2nd and I am stoked!
  • There are exactly 7 days left in this semester, including finals next week. Wow. Where did the time go? But boy, am I ready for the extra long, 4 instead of 3-week break this year. Woohoo! Okay, I think I will say more later, enjoy the novel, and bundle up, it's cold today!

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grace said...

Yes, I did hear that old school SCC.

By the way the word verification for this comment was mobsivau. That should be our new buzzword.