October 9, 2008

C.S. Lewis

People seem to always be talking about how great C.S. Lewis was- how his writing are unique and in a class of their own.

In High School, we read Mere Christianity for Ethics class. As much as I wanted to grasp the many levels of meaning in that book, I am sure I would see new insights today. Hopefully, due to spiritual growth and possible intellectual maturity. Regardless, this one work of Lewis' was an eye-opening, overwhelming challenge to me.

Last summer, we read and discussed The Screwtape Letters, a different style for Lewis, but challenging nonetheless. This year, I decided to reread the book, because I never finished it the first time around. I find myself not only humbled by Lewis' writing ability, but am cut by the truth in the words, in a huge way. I am not trying to glorify C.S. Lewis in any way, but I am merely struck by the man of God that he most clearly was. I am excited to learn more about the way of living Christ that Lewis demonstrates and by gleaming from the wisdom of a man who obviously loved Christ in a profound way.

I think that I might understand why people appreciate his writing and why his name is the catch phrase nearly everywhere I turn.

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