April 21, 2008

12 Disconnected Thoughts

1. I love the girls in my life group. Heidi is especially hilarious.
2. I love people who make me think and inspire me. Donald Miller was here Thursday and got me thinking. Also, I'm determined to pick up ballet again. I walked away from a passion of mine.
3. I am really excited to be an elementary school teacher. And I will miss all these classes that everyone else seems to loathe.
4. God is growing so many friendships, while the year is ending...
5. I'm living in a house next year! I get to cook my own food! Hooray!
6. I'm going up to Hume in less than a month! crazy!
7. My interview went really well today. Soli Deo Gloria
8. GE classes are overrated. But complaining about them is more so.
9. I have one paper left for this entire year, which I enjoying avoiding a little too much.
10. Japanese Kitchen tomorrow. And the realization that leaving the reg. office is harder than I thought.
11. Christ loves me, for me. He is faithful.
12. I am excited for tomorrow.

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