July 27, 2011

analogies, or why I might have A.D.D.

So many things going on in my head and heart lately. But really, that's always the case. I have a crazy brain, that.won't.turn.off... literally. My mind is always swimming with analogies and connections from the ordinary that translate to my walk with Christ. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, here are some of my latest thoughts (scrawled on the back of a receipt, no less): 
         - a new calendar
         - a grocery cart 
         - dirty dishes
         - badminton
         -  little boys with sunburnt noses
         -  hallways
         - glue sticks and pencils
         -  electric toilet
         - make everybody twins
Okay, so the last two are from Baby Mama. But I digress. Maybe some of these things will become blog posts, and maybe they wont. One thing is for sure though, my brain does not stop. And as much as I try to tell myself that I'm not sure what the Lord is teaching me, it's completely untrue. Maybe I haven't sat down to actually think and process, but he is working and he is always teaching me. And all of life ultimately points back to Christ. I'm glad he made me with a mind that won't stop. Because he reminds me that he is my creator and is in control, which leads me back to him, all over again... I guess I should add "thinking about analogies" to the list too.

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