May 31, 2011

Reason 49,678,299,753 why I love my job

Today, I read Lily's Big Day, by Kevin Henkes to my Kindergartners. (I LOVE Kevin Henkes' books! He is brilliant!) Anyway, we finished the story, in which Lily wants to be in her teacher's wedding. She practices walking down the aisle and being the best flower girl, and even ends up saving the day.

After we finished reading, we had a little Q & A because I was curious what they were thinking:
(They were sitting in a perfect little row, staring at me with wide eyes, at this point)

Me: Have you been to a wedding? What do people do there?
D: Yeah, Mommy and Daddy did the chicken dance at their wedding!

Me: Why do people get married?
Z (thinking very hard, looking perplexed): To have babies?
Me (nearly dying of laughter): Why else?
D: People get married because mommies and daddies can't live together before they're married. [Emphatically] I'm going to do things the right way.

Me: Weddings can happen inside or outside. In a church, on the beach. They can be fancy and take a long time to plan. How long do you think it takes to be ready for a wedding?
D: Well, first you go on a date. Then the next time, you get married.
Me: What do you mean by "the next time"?
D: You go on a date and then you get married the next day....

Oh the minds of Kindergartners. I can't count how many times I've literally said "I love my job" out loud at work, each day. Whoa, I'm blessed. My goodness, they're hilarious.

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