November 20, 2010

blissful confessions

Last weekend, I fell asleep while watching While You Were Sleeping. Then I started it over, and fell asleep again. Yes, I see the irony in this. Last night, I fell asleep while watching another movie. I say this because, I not-so-secretly LOVE falling asleep during movies (that I have seen before). I am also not-so-secretly proud of my ability to do this. There is something really comforting about watching a movie with good friends or family and being able to give into my inability to stay awake any longer. I never used to be one of those people with this talent. It's almost magical. Put in a movie I've seen hundreds of times, and I will surely fall asleep. And while there is a small part of me that wants to finish the movie, I really couldn't feel happier when this happens. On top of all that, it makes me miss Hume because I developed this trait during summer 08. Thanks Sarah, for sticking with me each time I've fallen asleep. To everyone else, please don't be angry. I don't hate you. I just.can' And on a deeper level, I tend to be better at this when I am completely and entirely too busy.... I digress.

I love never-ending, challenging conversation, with any and everyone,  from perfect strangers to old friends. (I am becoming my mother). And I love falling asleep during movies. Both of these things happened last night. Bliss.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel,

I love you. :)

I think it means you are comfortable with the company too :)

Alexandra said...

No, I get it! I was over at a friends house when he fell asleep while watching TV. (I was doing homework like a good girl). I thought, "It's sweet that he feels this comfortable around me to fall asleep."