January 1, 2010


I haven't posted in 4 months? and my most recent post hardly counts as a real update. to the small handful of people that read this, if you are still out there, my apologies.

part of the reason I haven't posted, is that I keep thinking of things to say, but delete them or let time pass. First, a ridiculously short update of the past months. yikes.

May: finished junior year, by the skin of my teeth. More than ready for my 3rd summer at Hume.

June: Orientation in the rain, becoming BFFs with all the SCS girls. Chaos follwed by hitting the ground running, thinking, 'should I really be getting paid for this'?
Wk. 1: De JA Vu in SS, Joshua Crew, but no old crew members. Strange, but comfortable.
Wk. 2: Pondy with 7 girls, freezing cold, 5 straight hours of one on ones- broken and humbled.
Wk. 3: Wagon Train w/ 9 girls. Learned Matt. 25: 40 in a tangible way, like never before. (more on that later.
Wk. 4: SS, 7-4 crew with Kristen, Krista and Anita. Incredibly easy and fun, realizing that Lodges and Joshua are the hardest jobs in SS...

July: 22nd birthday, the hoedown, family came to visit. Sickness takes over...
Wk. 5: Meadow with 10 girls (me on the floor). Drama, drama, drama. Weird mix of girls, young and passionate to old and attidudes. We all woke up sick Friday. 3 in the infirmary by Friday pm.
Wk. 6: 2 hours in Pondy kitchen (awkward, felt in the way). Whisked away to Wildwood! 8 girls from the same church. (weird that they all knew each other). Inspired by missions a new way. Sinus infection (felt like death) and 2 girls on crutches by Friday. Incredible time though.
Wk. 7: Saturday-Wednesday in bed. Hume is the WORST place to be sick. ha. ate nothing, told by the nurses 3 times that I was fine. Missed all the SCSers, Dr. gave me crazy meds for my gnarly sinus infection finally, worked 2 days as a hostess in Pondy- hated splits, loved the people.
Wk. 8: Wagon Train again, one of my favorite camps at Hume. 9 older girls. Attitudes, impressionable girls. Crazy again, humbling, hard, refreshing, tiring, incredible.

August: Feeling the end of summer, kick in the pants from Chris Brown, clinging to Christ.
Wk. 9: Snack Shop. Fun group, long hours. Missed counseling something awful, only 3 hours into my first shift....
Wk. 10: Pondy with 9 girls, attitudes, all about boys, wouldn't listen to me AT ALL. Exhausting, tiring. My heart hurt for them, as I prayed each second for them and they wouldn't hear it. Eye-opening.
Wk. 11: Banquet followed by 3 days in the Snack Shop again, knew the drill, easy but tiring. Summer was somehow finally over.

September: missing Hume like crazy, in denial that school was starting. Mr. Fabrizius, my almost-grandpa, passed away. Incredible, bittersweet memorial. Started the semester.
October: flew by, lead teaching K/1st at the new Midweek service. Also joined a new life group. Katie Friesen died suddenly, another reminder of life's brevity and Christ's desire for us.
November: Semester nearing a close. Kids Connection in full swing, spending 5 hours each Wednesday night loving these bright, hillarious, curious, loving kids. Took and Passed, CSET, section 1. Aunt Lenore passed away Thanksgiving day (much more on that later.) Soli Deo Gloria

December: Finals, stunned by the end of college nearing. Bex 26th on the 11th, graduation on the 12th, Lenore's memorial the 13th (graveside 2 weeks earlier). Whirlwhind of emotions so quickly. Lunch with SCS girls, sweet time. Dessert with high school gang, ended in telephone pictionary and talking til 2am. Friendships revisited, God is so gracious. Christmas Eve, Jesus' Birthday party at Warren and Lenore's, remembering Lenore again, hard night. Christmas day, morning visiting an old folks home, humbling; dinner w/ Mom's family and a game of fishbowl. Dec. 26th, Christmas with the Wilhelms, awkward, obligatory, interesting. Dec. 28-30, Disneyland trip: Dinner at Vince's Mon. night, stayed at Gran & Gramps'. Dec. 29th, Dland with a bajillion people, long fun day. Dec. 30th, downtown disney in the rain, IKEA, in-n-out, foggy grapevine.

If you managed to read all that, I applaud you. That turned out to be a very long, "quick" update. More on all the details of summer, the reality of life's brevity and more, to come- sooner than later. I'm still reading other's blogs, while neglecting mine, unfortunately.

as january begins, I am challenged by Matt Maher's lyrics: "the kingdom is yours, and the power is yours, and the glory forever amen! every heart proclaim, the mercy of your name, on earth as it is in heaven."

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