April 30, 2009

a skip in my step

I am a writing tutor, which means I read all kinds of papers. I get to learn little bits and pieces about students sometimes. Today, I helped a student fine tune a paper about her freshman year experience here. I have tutored her off and on throughout the year, and always had this sense that something was stirring within her. I am always fascinated by and want to know what my peers are going through. Call me nosy or curious. I love seeing what makes people tick, what excites them and drives them. I love seeing what passions other people have.

This girl is on the track team, and is passionate about her sport. As I was reading through her paper, I recognized the tell-tale signs of the struggling freshman. She came here wanting nothing to do with God, and suddenly found herself intrigued by this person who was fully man and God. She came to grips with Jesus. Her stereotypes of Christians were broken down, as she was loved on and lived life with people who loved this Jesus. She questioned profs about Christ and ultimately turned to her coach in frustration. After one long night of tears and hours of questioning, she surrendered to Christ.

As I sat reading her paper, I couldn't hold in my excitement for her. She didn't want to be here, around these Christians, but the Lord had different plans for her. And for some reason, I got the privilege of reading her story, of hearing her heart. The Lord encourages me in those moments, when I get to look further into the lives of others.

A life was changed this year, amidst all of these screw-ups who claim Christ each day. This life is not about me, it's about how he is glorified in each moment and life here. What an encouragement, to be used by the God of the universe who pursues each of us.

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grace said...

I loved reading this. So glad you had that moment with that student!